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3D Tic Tac Toe

25.00 incl. VAT
The 3D Version of the famous game


30.00 incl. VAT
Seven Wonders Duel One of the most celebrated games in the world can now be experienced in a two-player arena.

A Prophecy of Dragons TIME T.I.M.E STORIES Scenario

35.00 incl. VAT
TIME Stories: Prophecy of Dragons Forget all you know about the Middle Ages and explore a new reality where magic


38.00 incl. VAT
Abalone is a two-player abstract strategy game The rules are simple and can be learned by almost anyone within a

Among the Starts REVIVAL

40.00 incl. VAT
Among the Stars: Revival is a new expansion for Among the Stars, playable also as a standalone game for 2-

Balancing Elephant

15.00 incl. VAT
Players take turns to place the wooden colored sticks onto the elephant’s back without knocking them off. The winner is

Balancing pendulum

20.00 incl. VAT
Players take turns to throw the colored dice. The color that appears matches one of the wooden colored blocks. Choose

Beezzz Memo Game

20.00 incl. VAT
A new version of the traditional Memory game, with some mischievous bees that hide the parts you need to match.

Blokus 3D

36.00 incl. VAT
Blokus 3D Stake your claim and protect your territory with Blokus game! There’s just one rule: each piece you play

Bottle Top Challenge

20.00 incl. VAT
Stack the bottle tops high and wide without allowing them to fall! Build to 9 levels for a good challenge.

Brain Master, Wooden

33.00 incl. VAT
A quality wooden version of the classic game of strategy and deduction Made from high quality wood Hand crafted playing

Brain Paint

20.00 incl. VAT
Brain Training – Brain Paint card games by Professor Puzzle. Includes 108 cards, 1 die & instructions for 3 fun,

Break the bottle

12.00 incl. VAT
Break the bottle Test your patience and dexterity with this balancing game “Break the bottle” Take turns to place the

CATAN – Οι άποικοι του Catan (GREEK)- 2nd edition

35.00 incl. VAT
Coming Soon Picture yourself in the era of discoveries: after a long voyage of great deprivation, your ships have finally

CATAN – Οι άποικοι του Catan Θαλασσοπόροι (GREEK)

35.00 incl. VAT
Expand your The Settlers of Catan game in new directions, add islands, pirates, gold, ships, and trade. Explore and colonize